Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sentimental Heartbroken Rednecks

A cover from a few years ago for S&H, a book that combines autobiography, short fiction, and essay with tales of class, poverty, and violence set in the South.

The first one I used some hand drawn bits. My aim with the drawing was to (referencing the drinking and hallucinating, etc.) give the cover an organic feel, similar to the writing.

When this was deemed to "light" feeling, I sourced an image of a man that fit the author better (and coincidentally was told the photo looked just like him). I then paired the portrait with an unassuming image of the suburbs. I liked this juxtaposition and felt it hit the tone well.

Alas, in the end we went with a simple texture to evoke some sense of place. Feels like a dead end place...which ultimately fits the book as well.


Anonymous said...

I rather liked the initial design.

Do book designers often debate b/w aesthetics and relevancy [to the content]? (shameless plug). Those misleading covers!

K. Glyder said...

Yes, that pretty much sums up the job of a book cover designer...