Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi, Anxiety

Originally called Hi, Anxiety, this is a cover from Amy King at Bloomsbury. The writing is an examination of anxiety disorders, specifically chronicling the author's own personal experience.

The final cover, which I did not design, is great. Sometimes the feel of the book goes through a transition. For this cover, I think I was working more towards "phobias" rather than "anxiety." That was probably where I went wrong. The final cover conveys a lot with such a simple design (again, on Amazon).

Here are some of my comps. First up, my version of making type look anxious!

Phobia overload:

I had this idea of making the back cover and front cover work together. I'm thinking the final cover took a bit of a cue from this design with the radiating circles:

Title change. A more intimate, memoir feel:


Ian Shimkoviak said...

the one with the eyes on the front and spider on the back cracks me up. great idea.

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