Friday, April 10, 2009

Human Oddities

Digging in the archives just now, I came across this title from Shoemaker & Hoard (now merged into Counterpoint). This book was ripe with imagery. From Amazon: These nine stories hinge on the damaged contemporary body;battered, conjoined, disfigured by plastic surgery, abandoned, intoxicated, in drag or rendered uninhabitable by obesity, desire or deformity. With freak-show imagery tempered by sympathy, Jablonski conjures outcast protagonists...

Sure, showing disfigured bodies is one thing, but how to do so in a way that is intriguing to a book buyer...and not too off-putting? Well, my first thought was dolls, because they can take on a pretty creepy feel with the right lighting. I also researched famous twins such as Chang and Eng Bunker and the Hilton Twins via the author's notes.

Here is the suggestion of cojoined twins using dolls:

Historical photos (the ornamentation on the first one is supposed to be bizarre and circus-like):

A close up of the body:

And the final using a doll. The close up of the face is disconcerting, the cut arm, and the type is slightly off:


Ian Shimkoviak said...

that last one is great. Great variety of comps too. All very different.

Kimberly Glyder said...

thanks Ian

mewmewmew said...

ouch. Love that top one and the bottom one. I like this layering of illustration and photograph in a collage-like arrangement for this cover and the last one you posted via twitter—with the african boy and snake illio. You rock. Nice work as a laways.

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