Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ferris Beach

From Anne Winslow at Algonquin Books, Ferris Beach is a coming-of-age story. The book, which publishes in September, just went to press. The main direction was to create a cover that works for the adult and YA markets. Also, the editor specifically wanted a hippie feel to the design. With those ideas in mind, this is what I came up with...

First off, I kept having the image of a young girl's writing. Like doodles in a notebook, I sat down and painted with watercolors all the type for the cover. The resulting type, showing brush strokes and all, felt warm and young. I added in the daisies which gave a seventies feel and made me think of the main character sitting around in her bell bottoms making daisy chains for her hair.

I added a watercolor wash to the back of this photo.

A retro pattern.

This is the cover they chose initially. Turns out another cover for a book by the same author being published by Algonquin (which they hadn't shown me initially and which wasn't yet on Amazon) used all handwritten type. They asked me to take out the photo so both jackets appeared more similar.

The final cover:


Z OHora said...

It worked well with the photo, but I gotta say, I like this one the mostest. Well done!

Ian Shimkoviak said...

yeah, I like the final one too.
Nice lead up though.

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