Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Years No Rain

For Random House, this is the second novel I've worked on for Shawn Klomparens (I'll post the other soon). The story revolves around a weatherman in California. As suggested by the title, it hasn't rained for 580 days. For a time, the main character writes and acts for a children's show. He also rides a magic carpet...

I also tried a graphic approach and was pleased they chose this as the final cover. There are many references to meteorology in the book, so I began researching barometers and found various symbols for weather conditions. I altered the symbols below to create the illustration. While there are dark moments to the story, I found many moments of humor and I think the graphic approach here balances those contrasting moods.

1 comment:

Ian Shimkoviak said...

beautiful, especially since those TV bars seems to be used on books a lot whenever TV is in question.

I like the simple dose of color with the arrow and the simple typeface.