Friday, April 29, 2011

Out of the Vinyl Deeps

At 14 I bought my first record player. It wasn't a good one, but somehow all my lo-fi records sounded perfect at that age. Some years later (ahem), getting to design with vinyl on a book cover is one of those jobs where you can't quite believe your luck.

Here is a brief description from my art director, Rachel Moeller:

A collection of rock criticism of Ellen Willis, a feminist cultural critic famous in the 60s and 70s. While the cover can definitely evoke the era, we'd like it to appeal to a mainstream audience that loves rock and appreciates that vinyl culture is alive and well today.

To update the look, I chose bright colors to even out the "vintage" subject matter. The first comp uses repetitive records to create a pattern, while the inset blue pen mimics the record needle, a nod to Ellen Willis.

The second comp, and the one that went to press is a bit more straightforward, showing a photo of a record and the colorful spines of the record covers. The type followed the form of the photo.

A highlight of this cover was setting the quotes on the back. Hey, wasn't I just 14 at a Bikini Kill show...?


Ian Shimkoviak said...

I like the final. It plays on the whole "Out of the depths" a little better. Great type selections and composition. I know this is living in a dream world, but it would be super sweet if that was some sort of half jacket sleeve that you could pull out a CD from. I'm just sayin'...

Nona said...

Wow, I never even saw the first version of the cover! I really love both. Can you send me a hi-res version of the first try? It'd work great as a poster or something :)

Thanks again,


Jonathan Sainsbury said...

Saw this in EW this week. Nice job!