Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello again / New book project

Signs, Streets and Storefronts is a new book project that recently wrapped up. From Amazon:

Signs, Streets, and Storefronts addresses more than 200 years of signs and place-marking along America’s commercial corridors. From small-town squares to Broadway, State Street, and Wilshire Boulevard, Martin Treu follows design developments into the present and explores issues of historic preservation.

I began with the interior design first and adapted the cover about a month later. Here is an alternate comp from the first (and only) round that is closer to the interior design. The idea was that the blue would be a metallic:

However, the consensus was that this orange cover was more dynamic:


Below is a sampling of the interior spreads. The book is b&w throughout with a color signature. The shapes and angles of the signs are appealing and it struck me that recreating them might be a nice addition to the chapter openers. Once I redrew the lines and integrated them into the spreads, I carried this style element throughout the book on the TOC and  frontmatter. Definitely a fun project (especially placing the Lustig graphics throughout).


Ian Shimkoviak said...

Very nice! What a fun project. I do like your classy cover option, but the final is more likely to turn heads.

I'll keep my eye out for this one when I'm out and about! Beautiful, as always.

K. Glyder said...

thanks Ian & thanks for continuing to read the blog even with the big lull in posting

Chris Sergio said...

So beautiful! Really love your interior design. And the subject matter too! I'm definitely picking up a copy of this.

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